Civil Disputes & Litigation

Disputes happen wherever communities exist — from neighbours arguing over the fence to companies disputing billion-dollar contracts.

When the parties involved can’t resolve the dispute to everyone’s satisfaction, legal advice is usually the next natural step.

A lawyer can do something important here that the parties to the dispute usually can’t: look at it from a distance with an objective viewpoint and no emotion to identify the issues and reasonably determine the best course of action to resolve it.

We also give our clients the whole story, which is sometimes that the outcome they’re seeking is unreasonable or unattainable.

Halfpennys will always try to help resolve the dispute through negotiation or mediation before taking the matter to court, which is faster and less costly. If that strategy is unsuccessful, we can support you through the court dispute-resolution process.

Halfpennys is experienced in resolving disputes between:

  • neighbours
  • customers and suppliers
  • business partners
  • landlords and tenants
  • buyers and sellers of property
  • home owners and builders
  • employees and employers
  • executors or beneficiaries in deceased estates
  • owners of copyrights and patents
  • creditors and debtors
  • workers compensation

If you’re involved in any sort of dispute, please contact us sooner rather than later. You could save thousands of dollars and a good deal of stress if you involve us straight away.